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Proclamation to a Utopia

Updated: Apr 7

In the vastness of the universe, there is a species that has figured out certainties of forever. If a person would imagine for instance the full potential of a species. What would that be.. Would it be worth the serendipity to emulate the profound prosperity of individual soul? With that discovery would we see the value of humanity.. To emulate a Utopia and defy the universe. To follow a new era, a new Earth - to pour life and efficient prosperity to a system. What sentences would there be? An empire has many people. A country has boundaries. To have capability and competence to conduct what? A carpenter has tools yet what projects would he create in the criterion? If you can inscribe one phrase idiom quote or equation on a vast promising potential planet, what would it be? Especially when the universe says it’s the way the universe is.

With a triangle overlapped to another triangle; the covenant of the Jewish star and a key to the universe, humanity takes leaps and bounds with a conquest breath sailing the seed of the old to the new Earth, as the Messiah locks timelines into place, our Great Empyrean Chief compasses us out of the night. The firmament metaphors of Earth inverted, firstly before Heaven in one survey reverted.. The key to the universe and its clock. For a quadrant highway.. to a triangle that picks, and breaks, the radiation waves in place. Two lines depict the time! El Roi speaks eons.. in the quadrant highway.. undulate, undulate.. to a flowing line and its place of a cascading time! The triangles that revolve around the value of life, enormous under an arch sky. Whereas, our reparations say.. ‘don’t call the universe the sky, for an atmosphere of grace serves the ancient symbol of Pi’. With the veil seal, and the thread that binds a cross for the Great Empyrean Chief to all of us - the God who sees - to our God Emmanuel! The God with us.

The correlation of first step exertions, a refraction and alteration to second step, and finally the adherent presumably third step. ‘The Empyrean Sovereignty Constituted to the Spiritus Lands for sanctifications.’ Provisions and blessings from the grace out of catharsis to an expression cost. The tributary recompense in preparest a place. Ascending past the fluctuations.. and interferences of the garden of transcending loss - for individual and individual soul, the spiritual beings, the elite society to their own work.. descending - and again ascending, to the correlations of an animal cubic thought. With flashes of inspiration driven to the pursuit of producing righteousness - and love, for life prosperity and honor.

All the while crying out for certainties of forever to the circular cure, the imperial corral rivers that defy’s the universe in part won, part loss, taking everything; the definition of love. With a utopia in defining righteous logical reality of love, in provisions and provisions to that which things build up.

From star under neutrinos whereas God put a net for the second coming after the star formations, called the Earth. The established time for the fragile humans, a twenty-four hour clock, to.. direct time, an empyrean firmament. For man after neutrinos, the acronym of praising where more than birds. To that which spins free in zero g gravity, the direct time! The ascension of the Son of man to that appears as a flash of lightning compassing the matters rift effect. A cause and effect from a dovetail balance, our domicile value. The Human element of meliorism; the silver line for the glory of God to conceal a thing for the ambiguous symphony, and the thread that binds us to our covenant bond. For the house of the wise and the wisest, a lore for treasures to its citadel. His garden and the homeward exalts fountains of El Roi to God Emmanuel. The path of humanity that became the ecumenical from the Earth; a perfect place for a domain to pollinate in the vastness of the universe. A place to call home, the domain, pollinating the glory and crown of life, defying the universe. While time and time.. we cry out to be free! For we are no longer a falling species. Undulating a measure of the path of the just, until perfect days. A window well of time, assembling to be free from the continuum, a filter against our souls and a system called the solar. The gravity cradle travailing with voices of the kingdom realms calling.. ‘my soul, there is a civilization free from the restraints of a star..’

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