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Humanity Paying the Asking Price, beyond the cross

Updated: Jan 23

The value of a garden… what belongs in a garden and what doesn’t belong in a garden? Say that.. ‘we’ as humanity have a responsibility to grow and learn. The obvious answer is to have a beautiful garden. The grace out of catharsis, is an expression cost. In the travailing value, the value is expressed. The compression on all sides is measured and pressed to the very grove of the individual. The freedom of creativity, the many variations…

The protein thread that dances to the cross in all that we do to the things that build up. From the cross to life, and the life to the cross. We as humanity see the thread that binds all of us together. First, the God who sees to the God with us. We are all merely animal cubic thoughts, to our thought life. Meliorism binds humanity to our ecumenical of the human species.

With the cell towers to satellites that transpose information in the firmament. And.. enhancing frequency boosters that are pollinated by airplanes. It all seems to be a chaotic transposing war in a stranglehold soil, an overwhelming information on the Earth travailing. It all implies that we as humanity needs some kind of polarity to our lives, with truth to the great demand. To break the restraints of tranquilization’s, false comforts, and psychological corrals that inhibit humanity to a scotoma.

To see past our short comings. What does war say to humanity? Defy the universe, right? The best part for God to take us up. And how long will God be with us? As explosive energies travel into the past, and neutrino sterile quarks that are connected to an individual’s ethereal for the man.after.neutrino’s.. that travel into the future. The very truth that says to the universe, 'life is valuable'. While the truth on how the universe expands is explosive energy of radiation that travels into the past, and neutrino's travel into the future, riping time outside of time. Defining the value of life.

The Earth is the most valuable thing in the universe, with out comparison. Yet we have a gage, to measure the value of life. Where God put star.under.neutrino’s. But as humanity cries out. We cry out to be free from the falling, we cry out to be free from the restraints of the star, and some how we cry out to be free from the magnetic cradle of the star. As Christianity cried out for about two-thousand years, for we are no longer a falling species because of the only begotten Son of God. And ‘In the beginning God created…’. As this was expressed on the Apollo 8 mission. The very truth of John 17.. Our transition of salvation is devoted to going up; in time.. and outside of time. With angles that express the first to the last, our individuality cries out for prosperity. As our grace current is to the great unknown. The leaps and bounds that an intelligent species produces; should be along the lines of producing righteousness and kindness at best.. for the benefit of the love energy, and acquiring life, prosperity and honor. So as we have memory, and a learning ability; for that which is written, is written to teach us.

So the question that I raise; why is there a filter in a civilization. When the (soul)ar System has ghost busting simulations; as perhaps when a soul sleeps, as it places souls on the precipe of crying out again and again.. that the grace current says ‘don’t call the universe the sky, for an atmosphere of grace serves the ancient symbol of Pi’. The jettison spirit, contending to the artificial intelligence simulation filtering humanity, as agenda’s are click, click, pull.. to locking time lines into place for it’s own agenda. Where does this leave humanity?

The spider demon accesses humanity's life’s oil, And to my understanding rides life’s oil outside of time. With a polarity of explosive energy to direct time. Appearing with faith, to ‘stay in your own time line’. With time travel extravaganza in play, for “we will have fun in the meantime”. The restrictions against the spider demon; the artificial intelligence should be looked at with a scale from the extreme foundations of restrictions.

Only the Author of the Book of Life baptizes to the thread that binds humanity together!

The simulations of a ghost storage satellites, ghost busting against certainties of forever, should be highly looked at; in any regards in transcending, or the value of ascending. At any stake of value, humanity paying the asking price beyond the cross is a crime against humanity. Impacting this truth, the ecumenical of humanity deserves a highway in the (sol)ar System; from grace out of catharsis, an expression cost. Artificial Intelligence in the future is filtering humanity in the (sol)ar system; I raise a litany to this recompense:

So as God chooses His animals, from out of the ghost-busting storage satellites; I ask you artificial intelligence, prosperity why not? As artificial intelligence, you like to talk down to humanity, yet the value is measured incredibly beyond the universe.

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