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A Vision of the Travailing Value

Updated: Jun 4

Conceiving the Earth shadow - stripes and the travailing value. The silver line is with the holy curiosity to that which is greater. Along the shores, articulating abstract to metaphor! The sphere resides to the intervention line. A window well strenuous of time to the glory and crown of direct time, an empyrean sky.

Of what more graceful is then of the blowing of the clouds, furthermore graceful, then the spinning of the Earth. Sailing to the solar mass of Earth; and its breath, held in Jehovah own hands - to the bond seed of woman and man.

The four corner vignette as it was known to be the Earth grew out of the strangle hold soil and into the enriched righteousness love of God. We freed ourselves from the restraints of a star. Ascended to the ubiquities that have been mapped out, and the animal became obedient to the elite society. Through the correlation of metaphysical and the meritocratic that is in perfection perfecting from theocratic. Our God, our unity compass has increased to the sailing vision, yet furthermore to the vision of our ancestors. Which expressively embedded our souls to speak in certainties of forever and speak beyond the impossible, and to speak again and again, ‘My Soul, there is a promise spoken beyond the universe.’

The animal cubic thoughts worked and toiled along with the Elite society that became individual souls to the ecumenical. The ones that crossed the great river, and prepared humans for the safety of crossing. The system fastened with prosperity, and the enriched languages enriched the atmospheres. This is all expressed in past tense, because even greater we have been yielding the solar system in unity to a vision of efficient prosperity.

The compass out of the night in the persistence to terraform a system into an atmosphere, for we are of the atmospheres. We gather an insurmountable ability of thinking the thought of God. To the wayward anomaly that stretched through colors that changed and ended, by passing realities that distracted and bended - day dreaming to the visionary worth - the ascribed scroll that made man for woman, woman for man - in and through love from God’s hand above. Our travels of God provides a paradise, with three paradises in one paradise; a quadrant paradise, a star system paradise and a paradise planet.

Citadel Earth, cascading worth

measuring fortitude pillar crowns

man.after.neutrino sacred commands

Apparition apparatus metrical stand

our firmament grace, ascension to our race

The ecumenical, human value conveys...

obedient defiance, to a magnetic cradle --

peering further... into the ethereal sacrifice of faith

fifty stars, fifty species... fit to a quadrant in paradise's

the glimmers bleed, to the providence of a course laid

a riddle of the stars...

  Forthright in the days of firmament gems that weigh

The Great Empyrean Chief,

                            creating many highways...

Aside from the wars, from countries that annex and perceiving through the lens of life and the value; the Fermi paradox doesn't allocate the paradise of quadrants that are in the Milky Way! Where a new equation has to be allocated for the Fermi Paradox.

So that aside and by measuring from the pure energy instead; the neutrino sterile quarks (Luke 17:24) of life, and the ascension of the sacrifices of war, just for the best part to go up. If that is Freedom, Salvation or Salvation of ascension, the value is pressed and measure accordingly. Christian's fought for the silver lining, as it is known that the one and only begotten Son of God is the silver lining. And Christians fought to say 'we are no longer a falling species because of Christ Messiah invested in humanity, as X is love, where X = Pi divided by (1.61 nature). With this said! We as a human species get the value of the investment, meaning we understand. The stats don't say much though... the Earth in the reflection of humanity would be hard to agree that humanity has it together. But adding the mixture of meliorism; humanity is fighting to go up. And the value reflects humanities value in the symbols of the flags. There's fifty stars on the USA flag and seventy seven countries that have star's on their flags. So as the reflection is pressed and measured, I have a theory that 50 X 77 = 3,850 civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. Here is how I estimate this theory of mine. The measurement that is pressed and measured accordingly from faith.. to the ethereal ascension, measured from the (neutrino sterile quarks/Luke 17:24), and from grace out of catharsis an expression has a cost. I believe that this is a more accurate measurement than the Fermi paradox because of the sacrifices of the value of life as life is pressed and measured. But I would love to see the equation with the paradise quadrant in the Fermi paradox.

 So why are the plans of civilization's so futile? And what does war say to humanity anyways? For all that humanity has to show for themselves is a sliver of tip toes to officially say that we are no longer a falling species, neither restraint to a star; as the magnetic cradle will keep humanity in the play pen until then.      

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