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S.U.N : Star Under Neutrino 

Proverbs 25:2

Righteous Logical Reality of Love

"My Soul, there is a country far beyond the stars." -Henry Vaughan

"My Soul, there is planetary orb free from the restraints of a star." - . . .

"My Soul, there is a promise spoken beyond the universe." - God           

John 14:1-4

              Proverbs 21:21 

He who pursues righteousness and love

finds; life, prosperity and honor 

Home Made 

Their Is No Such thing as currency in

God 3rd Domain

 < The Order of God in the Fixed DOS Solar System to the asking price beyond the Cross Belonging to God and God Alone.

   All Souls belong to God and God Alone.  Wo.Man.After.Neutrinos Ghost Particles God Particle Vt, Ve, Vu; to Vs. 


When You see Christ Messiah you see His Father YHWH Pure and Perfect Energy Perfection Perfecting.

Every poet learns after awhile, where they first began to where they are now - knowing that writing poetry of catharsis to their groves.  The intriguing poems are always expressed one way or another, in meliorism that  Man.After.Neutrinos to  Star.Under.Neutrinos ' Mr. Shipwright did, Wow! ' 

Word Discovered By Seeking Truth
Merittamisim: merit-ta-my-sim 1. The constructive build up of the Earths Pi. 2. The build up from two truths of the opposite equal balance to multiply existentially 3. The silver lining of Jesus the Christ enduring better to better.  4. Yeshua Jehovah Yahweh in His Perfection perfecting gracefully

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