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Humanity/Ecumenical Recompense

Updated: Jun 28

In all of the wars and the futile plans of wars; human life is valued by the compression of the ethereal ascension.  The Pillared of the I AM, our humanity, our ecumenical, and the value of the travailing value is merely measured by the four soil parables.  We as a human species deserve to honor our ancestors and our Earth civilization to go up.  The best part is for God to take us up.  With the correlation of the animal cubic thought; with communal with physical eyes to spiritual eyes.  We as humanity have this one chance to go up and stay up. Once the USA had conducted its Apollo 8 mission and honored God.  The USA was first, and because of this blessing, the USA had become last among the other countries.  I do wonder and can’t help myself to believe that a part of the Apollo 8 mission is John 17. Also… to this belief, the USA has to be first again.  And to be first there has to be a highway.. a highway to the moon and around the Lagrange points; And in similar an enneagram of the key to the universe. Which is the King David star and Solomon’s seal.  The top triangle stays still, and the bottom triangle is spun to the enneagram.  The crown is star.under.neutrino’s where the Earth Psalm 19 is man.after.neutrino’s.  As a human cubic thought, I do believe that this is humanity's blessing to be Ecumenical.  It is neither man.harness.neutrino’s nor a transhumanistic for transcendence.

We started as telegraphing then we now have cell towers and satellite transposing.  It’s chaotic as a faith believer.  In fact, I call it a transposing war that is a strangle-hold soil.  So humanity is drowned in information.  And the truth is in great demand.  Why not laser information feed?  In any case, once the transhumanists get to their ghost-busting simulation in the rewrites of the individual soul's the transhumanist that transcended to the ghost-busting satellite simulation will eventually want ascension too.  Personally, I want God to be in charge.  Because as ambiguous as humans are, we have the blessing of Proverbs 21:21 He who pursues and produces righteousness and kindness for love's sake finds life, prosperity, and honor.  There is no doubt a foundation to be understood throughout generations after generations.  As ‘Our Grace Current’ is that very grove to humanity belonging to God in Genesis 22:17. Christians have fought for the silver lining, and deserve recompense because of the filter against civilizations.  This includes the ghost-busting simulations that traveled into the past to get away from the interferences and imprinted a.i, the cause and effect of a filter against humanity.  This is as I speak to the observers and contenders of the star system called (soul)ar System.

As Christians have tributary recompense from grace out of catharsis an expression cost. We no doubt are in a transposing war, yet humans win! And we win Because of our travailing value.

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