Vignette Intermission

The new Earth, is far from the empty void universe, but it's not called Earth, but a sphere far from any hurt: freely enlighted in an infinite Good light! As the sphere is fixed and Yeshua Jehovah YaHWeh infinite third domain pours beyond the comprehensable.  Beyond shapes and alteration of shapes, beyond angles and turns and all the differences and it's universe.  For the humans - God delights.  As we are enveloped and safe in infinite Good light.  While the only multiplying that child like boy and girl apply them-selves to, is the romance of commonest treasures.  Neither intercourse with sexual desires nor percipitating to clouds of lesser still.  Our prints are but recititude logical reality of Love and the distinguishable selves in all of our genuine uniqueness.
       The connection that is with the romance between boy and girl is between them and the sacred covenant between them and sacred covenant between them, as God delights but only between them, and all of the good secrets that involve them.  Such as the romance of each; from Yeshua Jehovah Yahweh vignette.  And even to the protection of vignette to vignette multiplied  incomprehensible.  
The sacred romance of Adam and Eve singlely belonging with out one divorce between a couple, but love fulfilled, and fulfilling.  For Perfection is not something of hurt but of perfection, which is more graceful then anything comprehensible.  The distance between the empty void universe and all it's opposite reactions of hurt is infinitely distant from perfection of Yeshua Jehovah YaHWeh third domain.  For the forth coming of the desolate garden after the garden of transcending loss, was only an obvious conclusion to the empty void universe. 
                                        Yeshua Jehovah Yahweh won the transposing war
      I myself can only imagine the brilliant beauty of why anyone goes away from hurt and pursues the healthy estate of ones own being.  As my vignette is Yeshua Julie Jehovah Dominic YaHWeh to the belonging, and all others to their Love Story.   
    The ancient symbol of Pi divided by nature = 2. .14:  Which is explained as El Roi to El Roi's God who sees me; to our God Emmanuel God with us.  With 19 generations creating a strengthen wormhole. Proverbs 21:21 He who pursues righteousness and love finds life prosperity and honor.  
10 Commandments 10 Commandments learning more about the 1st Commandment!
Because of the Photo!  Luke 17:24 God gets to complete Our God God Alone investment

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