Christ Messiah Yahweh Silver Lining

Proverbs 25:2

Righteous Logical Reality Of Love

1: Scripture Hope: 

.Old Testament

.New Testament


2: Isaiah 35 Four Soils

.Author Of The Book Of Life

.Wayward Rapheal Isaiah 35

.Joyful: Acquiring Accumulating Asteroids

.Strangle Hold of the Universe 

.Hebrews 11


3: O.S.O Genesis 22:17

.Care Taking Blessings

."My Soul, There is a country far beyond the stars."-Henry Vaughan


4: El Roi Storage System 

."My Soul, There is a Promise spoken beyond the Universe." 

.1 Commandment

Remain close to the Great Chief that Shepherds

.Proverbs 21:21

can't Build a roof without a Foundation

Tri-Thread Eternal 
28 Of The 144 Thousand 
12 Pearls Pour

Holy Messiah ABBA Yahweh solasta bright

Eternal seal covenant weave,

Son of God direct path light

the 28 of the 144 thousand orbs

towards Proverbs25:2

solarium Orbital.Spherical.Orbs

12 Pearls pour - transition rotation,

covenant beams: strengthening firmaments

Tri-Quetra commanders, Tri-bunity distributing

El Dels to their tiers; distributing, separating apart

Angels abound to the care taking path

converting miracles of a convoy

Firmaments between to the vast

planetary gravities sailing free

Kings & Queens mediating 

to and from Tri-Thread covenant weave

Correlating Truth, John 17:3

with colors elect, El Dels with God perfect


Dancing constant; heavy melodies,

solarium hues, Isaiah 35 tending's

Within the Tri-Thread Fountains, orbs the 28

 The One Holy Pearl rotating 

18 evenesent firmament, 8 effloresceces,

the horizon with 2 orbs gliding . vision wise .


Northern whales in firmament appear

The orchestra symphony seeks; manna flakes cling

Atmosphere fish's transiting with manna flakes feedeth

Orca's with blue and white aura hues,

Sting rays with evenesent color signals flow

Jellyfish prisms, array;

to the gliding fall of the Holy planetary Pearl


All and everything in-between 

El Roi to El Roi.'s

God and God Alone prospering to and towards

our Eternal Silver Lining planetary orbs

© 2016 by Kelly D Sorensen. Epically created with